Dump trash in designated Seattle areas for free this weekend

    Dump trash in designated Seattle areas for free this weekend

    SEATTLE -- Got trash? You can dump it for free this weekend in designated spots around Seattle if you are a Seattle Public Utilities customer.

    All the snow this week and last week means some neighborhoods are now pushing three weeks of missed garbage pick-ups.

    Sanitation crews are working extra hard to make up for missed pickups. But they can't get to everyone right away, so some people took action Saturday.

    Vehicle after vehicle full of trash stopped at the West Seattle Stadium so people could dump their garbage. Mark Miller said he couldn't wait any longer.

    “It’s pretty bad. birds were getting in it. dogs were tearing it up and down the street,” said Miller.

    Many people were just grateful for a chance to take matters into their own hands. Seattle Public Utilities customers dumped their own trash at four designated drop off spots, free of charge.

    “It’s a relief,” said Craig Pitt. “It’s been three weeks. Yeah. It’s been piling up.”

    Sara Grubbs stopped by with just some of her trash.

    “We still have a whole other bin there still waiting for pickup so,” said Grubbs.

    It has been piling up for nearly 21 days now. Her scheduled trash pickup day is Monday.

    “Everyone’s bins are still out waiting for pickup so,” said Grubbs.

    Seattle Public Utilities has more than 150-thousand customers that have been impacted by the missed trash pickups.

    All over Seattle, bins have been over flowing because heavy snow and back-to-back storms have stalled waste collection efforts.

    “It’s a steep street so I understand why they haven’t been there,” said Pitt.

    “Our alleyway was covered with snow. I have no problem that they didn’t make it out for trash or the week before for recycling,” said Collin McDonough of Crown Hill. “I found it piling up in the back. I had a few other things to bring in anyway so.”

    If you live in the Seattle area and didn’t get to dump your trash today, you can still dump it for free at the North or South Transfer Station Sunday free of charge.

    In the City of North Bend, temporary drop boxes will be placed at Torguson Park from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Sunday, February 17th.

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