Driver arrested after nearly running down group who hit her car with snowballs

Driver arrested after nearly running down group who hit her car with snowballs (PHOTO: Joey Wieser)

SEATTLE – A young woman was arrested after driving off the road and nearly hitting a group of people who she says threw snowballs at her car.

Cellphone video captured by a witness shows the encounter Sunday night on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

A group gathered at East Bellevue Avenue and East Thomas Street to play in the snow, and witnesses say a snowball fight broke out, with snowballs flying across the road.

“It was fun, it was playful,” Joey Wieser said. “People were having a good time.”

Wieser says a blue jeep initially drove past the group, then returned 5 or 10 minutes later. That’s when the driver pulled over and started yelling that they had hit her car with snowballs.

Wieser says that’s when he started recording with his phone. KOMO News does not have video of what led up to that moment.

The cellphone video shows the jeep turn around in the snow, and appear to accelerate toward a group of people standing just off the street. They dodge the car, fleeing to higher ground.

Then the driver – a young woman – gets out of the car and is immediately hit by a snowball. She quickly attacks the man who threw it. The frantic video shows other people pull her away from him seconds later.

Seattle Police confirm they arrested the woman for Reckless Driving and DUI. They could not confirm other details in the case Monday.

“Nobody was hurt, thankfully,” Wieser said. “And so I forgive her. And I just hope she can find the help that she needs.”

The King County Prosecutor’s Office did not charge the woman Monday, saying they’re waiting for the results of a toxicology report.

The arrested woman says she was released from jail Monday afternoon. KOMO’s Gabe Cohen spoke with her over the phone.

She says she pulled over after the group hit her car with several snowballs. When she rolled down the window, a snowball flew into the car and nearly hit her. She says that’s when she turned the car around and drove at the group.

But she says she was only trying to scare the group and had no intention of hurting anyone.

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