Dramatic video shows killer whales hunting sea lion in Salish Sea

Photo via Western Prince Whale & Wildlife Tours.

SAN JUAN ISLANDS, Wash. - A whale watching group caught dramatic video of killer whales hunting a sea lion in the Salish Sea.

Traci Walter with Western Prince Whale Watching says the family group is called the T123's. The group includes a 32-year-old mother, Sidney, her 17-year-old son, Stanley, and 5-year-old daughter, Lucky.

Walter says the group was swimming along when they spotted a Steller Sea lion and started hunting it.

"All three family members got involved in the hunt, but you'll notice the 5-year-old gets in there quite a bit at the end," the whale watching group says in a YouTube post.

Walter says she doesn't think the whales actually killed the sea lion and that they left the area after the attack.

The hunt was likely used it as a teaching experience for the younger orca, Walter says.

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