Dog stolen 6 years ago coming home to Olympia, Wash.

Dog stolen 6 years ago coming home to Olympia (KOMO News) 

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- An amazing Christmas gift is on its way to a family in Olympia.

Six years ago, while Kim Hopkins was stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, her dog Deuce was stolen from her yard. Months of searching turned up nothing.

Eventually she had to move on, and about two years ago she moved to Olympia.

“You don’t think in a second that somebody one day would call you and tell you they found your dog,” Hopkins said.

But in September she got that call from a shelter in North Carolina telling her Deuce had been found on the street with flees and respiratory issues.

Hopkins was initially ecstatic, but quickly learned they couldn’t fly Deuce to Washington because of his health issues.

“I was devastated,” she said.

So she turned to Facebook, and soon got connected with an organization in North Carolina called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. They helped set up a foster home and picked up Deuce to keep him from being put down.

They ended up reaching out to a woman Hopkins didn’t know – a stranger in Arizona named Julianna Lambert. As a fellow military family, Lambert knew she had to help.

Lambert gathered a group of 17 volunteers who, as of Friday, are driving Deuce across the country, one leg at a time, to make it home to Olympia for the holidays.

Deuce should arrive Monday.

Lambert has a similar story. This Fall volunteers brought her dog, Apache, to Arizona after she was turned into a shelter in North Carolina. Lambert had left her with a friend.

Hopkins calls this a Christmas miracle, not just because Deuce is almost home after all this time, but because he was delivered by 17 kind souls.

“These folks are going out of their way to help my family out, and there’s no way I could ever repay that,” Hopkins said. “And it’s great to see there are some really great people out there.”

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