Do you recognize this Tacoma armed robbery suspect?

Pierce County Sheriff's Office photo

TACOMA, Wash. - Pierce County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a man who they said has been terrorizing gas station clerks and a barista.

On Wednesday, the sheriff’s department released details about a robbery at a Chevron Station, in the 10000 block of East Portland Avenue, at 11:46 P.M. on Friday.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Moss Jr. said the suspect pulled out a gun and grabbed money off the counter.

Moss said the same man then went to a Union 76 station in the 7000 block of Golden Given Road East about 20 minutes later, Moss said.

The same man allegedly tried to rob a Bigfoot Java drive-thru at 12:43 A.M. Sunday. He knocked on the window then tried to pry open the glass door, the sheriff’s department said.

“In the first robbery, he demanded cash from the clerk, grabbed the cash off the counter and he ran out the door. In the second two robberies, he did not get any cash,” Moss said.

Witnesses described the suspect as being about 5-feet 6-inches, weighing about 215-pounds and wearing, in at least two robberies, a gray ski mask.

Nobody was hurt, Moss said.

“Obviously, he’s going into these businesses armed with what appears to be a long gun of some sort,” Moss said. “It is the holiday season and it’s the time people are hurting for money. People do bad things for different reasons, but this is a time when we start to see an uptick in our robberies and our burglaries.”

The sheriff’s department is asking anyone with information about the suspect or the robberies to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-Tips.

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