Motorcycle flash mob rolls down Seattle streets; driver assaulted

Photo: KOMO News

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- A motorcycle flash mob took over the streets of Seattle, riding the wrong way, with some bikes on sidewalks.

A short time later, a driver in North Seattle was surrounded by a mob of motorcycles.

Seattle police said that driver was assaulted by one of those bikers.

One witness to the street brawl — who did not feel comfortable being identified — said she saw a large motorcycle group surround a pickup truck on Aurora Avenue North.

Then police said riders pulled a man from the truck, and someone attacked him

"I've seen smaller things happen around here nothing like that massive, it was insane to me,” the witness said. “All of a sudden I saw people taking their helmets off, and dropping them on the ground and running into this guy's truck and they were shaking it all around and broke his side view mirror and there was this huge fight that happened."

Investigators said this motorcycle group is similar to the one seen around town earlier Saturday when video shows some of the riders going the wrong way, up on sidewalks and doing burnouts.

By the time police officers responded to Aurora Avenue, the group split off into smaller groups and dispersed.

Police said since most of the riders wore helmets, no one got a good description of who attacked the pickup driver.

Police are still investigating if this was an incident of road rage or if the victim knew his attacker.

Police said they have been monitoring the bikers but no one has been arrested.

“Everybody stopped what they were doing, they were on their phones people calling 911 and filming stuff to try and get more evidence to the police,” the witness said.

A KOMO News Facebook post with a video of the riders got more than 250 comments, including some people who had seen them.

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