Police searching for driver who rammed patrol car, tried to run over officer in Pierce Co.

Police and Pierce County Sheriff's deputies are searching for a suspect who rammed a patrol car and tried to run over an officer in Fircrest Friday evening, Feb. 2, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News/Air 4)

FIRCREST, Wash. - Police, Pierce County Sheriff's deputies and the State Patrol are searching for a suspect who rammed an officer's patrol car and tried to run him over in Fircrest on Friday evening.

The officer was responding to a report just before 5:30 p.m. of a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood near Monterey Lane and Contra Costa Ave.

When the officer arrived, he got behind the vehicle and tried to stop it, but the suspect rammed the patrol car with an Ford F250 truck.

The officer then got out of the patrol car the suspect then tried to run him down with the truck.

The officer fired one a shot, which hit the truck, but the driver fled the scene.

The suspect drove about five blocks, then abandoned the truck and ran off.

“We saw the cop cars coming and we opened the shades and we saw him running up to the neighbor’s yard, and we saw the cops following with their guns,” said Stacie Aown, who lives near the crime scene.

WATCH via KOMO Air 4: Police, Pierce County Sheriff's deputies search for suspect:

Police, deputies and K9 units searched the area for the suspect for several hours, but did not find him.

“My friend and I were coming home from a bar and we were taking an Uber in, and a cop stopped us and he wanted to check our trunk,” said Tamala Bestvater, another neighbor.

Officers are asking residents to stay inside and lock their doors.

The Sheriff's office said the suspect is described as white man in his 20's and is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

"It's a little cold out here tonight for just a t-shirt, so if you see somebody that matches that description going down the street or running through a yard or something, definitely call 911," said Det. Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office.

Troyer said they believe the suspect is still on foot but they don't know if he's armed.

Investigators said the truck appears to have been stolen and they found several backpacks inside full of stolen items. The Sheriff's office said the license plates on the truck had apparently been switched and the inginition had been punched.

Toryer said that specific neighborhood had seen a lot of car prowls lately.

"This is kind of neighborhood where you don't have a whole lot of crime and when you do, it's property theft or property crime," said Troyer. "So the officer was going to go check out the vehicle, but before he was able to even talk to the subject driving it, he had his patrol car rammed."

The officer was not injured.

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