Body recovered from deadly RV fire beneath Spokane Street Viaduct

SEATTLE - Seattle firefighters extinguished a deadly RV fire under the Spokane Street Viaduct early Thursday morning.

One person inside the RV was found dead, Alice Kim, spokeswoman for the Seattle Fire Department, said.

Friends fondly remembered the man who died.

"He had a kind heart and was a gentleman," said a woman who gave her name as Carla.

The blaze occurred after 3 a.m. under the Spokane Street Viaduct at First Avenue South and South Spokane Street near an area lined with vans and campers where people are known to sleep overnight.

This is the second fire this week in an area where homeless are camping. Monday's fire didn't hurt anybody, but it did destroy people's belongings.

A Port of Seattle police officer noticed Thursday morning's fire while driving by on patrol, authorities said.

Firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke. The fire was quickly under control.

Crews say the RV had a generator but that it wasn't running at the time of the fire.

Kim says the Fire Department is aware of the fires and pulls in additional resources whenever necessary.

"We are very aware and very cognizant of these issues," Kim said. "Of course, any time there is a fire that requires more assistance we alert the Red Cross."

Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

Business near the collection of RVs hope a solution to the homeless encampment in their neighborhood will come soon .

"There's one point where there were motor homes and tents from I-5 to First Avenue," said Cory Harrison of EcoElectric.

He works across the street from where the fire started.

"It's just a horrible environment for everybody. It's just tough."

Business have been calling on the city to move campers out, but they say there's been little progress.

"I think the city is doing the best it can in a situation that nobody really know how to resolve," Harrison said.

Others business owners here are not so understanding - and want to know how the city is using their tax dollars to solve homelessness.

"I hope that the people who need help get help," Harrison said.

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