Cylons, Cinerama, and cycles: Tricia Helfer comes to Seattle

SEATTLE -- Sometimes you hurt the ones you love, and other times you find a friend at the other end of your fist.

"Beating the crap out of each other really bonded us," said actress Tricia Helfer of 'Battlestar Galactica' fame.

She's talking about an infamous episode of the sci-fi show where she and Katee Sackhoff squared off on camera over the fate of the universe. Sackhoff played the fiery Starbuck while Helfer portrayed the seductive and dangerous Cylon Number Six.

That TV battle also brought the two actresses together in a partnership that will once again bring the pair together in Puget Sound on Saturday.

Sackhoff and Helfer came to Skagit Valley's Tulip Ride last year, and enjoyed the chance to enjoy their mutual love of motorcycles and charity. The actresses travel the country together to highlight charities and events that matter to them.

This year the Tulip Ride will provide proceeds to the Red Cross and the Humane Society. Helfer said the Red Cross donations are critical this year because of the recovery from the Oso mudslide. She said there was just something special about "motor bikers and Battlestar" to help great causes.

But when two science fiction bombshells come to Seattle, our famously nerdy city takes notice.

Helfer and Sackhoff will be hosting a special event at Cinerama on Saturday filled with behind-the-scenes question and answer sessions with fans, autograph opportunities, and a special screening of a fan-selected episode of Battlestar Galactica. It's all part of the Cinerama's Sci-Fi Film Festival, which runs from May 1-12.

Since BSG, as fans call it, went off the air in 2009, the show has seemingly grown in popularity. It has been part of a 'Portlandia' sketch about binge watching, making the main characters lose sleep, avoid bills and stay up until dawn for just one more episode. In many ways, Helfer said Netflix and DVDs have helped the show expand.

"A whole new generation who are experiencing it for the first time," Helfer said.

Helfer said that despite the success of BSG, she has no problems if people associate her mostly with Number Six instead of more current work like ABC's 'Killer Women.' "I'm really proud of 'Battlestar,'" she said. "It's a good problem."

Sackhoff has moved on to cable TV's 'Longmire' and the big screen in Oculus.

For now they'll be in Seattle in front of fans on Saturday, and spooling up the FTL drive Sunday to play among the tulips for "a whole whirlwind weekend," Helfer said.

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