Court papers on deputy's death: 'So Hank killed a cop'

Frank Pawul appears in Pierce County courtroom on Jan. 11, 2018 (KOMO Photo)

TACOMA, Wash -- Text messages between two people charged Thursday with first-degree murder in the death of Pierce County deputy Daniel McCartney describe the shooting and show how one suspect tried to flee the scene of the slaying, court documents say.

Frank Pawul, 33, and Brenda Troyer, 52, were charged Wednesday.

Pawul is being held on $5 million bail and is also charged with first-degree kidnapping and unlawful firearms possession. Troyer is being held on $2 million bail and also charged with first-degree kidnapping.

The text messages between the two were obtained by a search warrant for Pawul's phone.

McCartney was shot to death late Sunday as he responded to a home-invasion burglary in Frederickson.

Also killed was Henry Carden, who authorities say took part in the burglary and later shot himself in the head.

Court documents say Troyer dropped the two men off near the site of the burglary. Her cell phone was traced, and court documents say she remained in the area until McCartney arrived. Then she left quickly.

Early Monday morning, Pawul sent text messages to her. He wanted blankets and something to drink. He was in a garbage can, court documents say.

He has described Troyer as his girlfriend.

He wanted to be picked up, and the two discussed how Pawul could walk out of the containment that police had set up in the neighborhood, court documents say.

Troyer told him that authorities believed McCartney shot Carden and that Pawul killed the deputy.

Court documents say Pawul replied, "So Hank killed a cop and himself."

Pawul was stopped just after 8 a.m. Monday when he walked up to a traffic-control point. Court documents say he had twigs and dirt on his clothing, was soaking wet and was shivering.

He had an empty holster on his hip that was intended for bear spray. A canister of bear spray was found near McCartney's body, court documents say.

His hands were bleeding from a deep cut, and his jeans were ripped, court documents say. Pawul told officers, "It was a rough night."

Court documents say a search turned up a garbage can with blood on the lid and torn clothing inside. Surveillance cameras show a figure matching Pawul's description walking between houses near the garbage can.

Residents could not identify Pawul through a photo montage, but did say the pants and shoes Pawul was wearing when detained matched what one of the intruders was wearing, court documents say.

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