Close call: Kennewick teen shot in head and lives to tell about it

Kennewick shooting (KEPR-TV photo)

KENNEWICK, Wash. - A teen is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the head outside a crowded apartment complex in Kennewick.

Police say the shooting occurred just after 1 a.m. Saturday during a disturbance in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 1000 block of 4th Avenue near St. Joseph's Catholic School.

According to a police report, the 15-year-old victim was in a car when he was shot. One or more suspects fired at the vehicle the boy was in.

As the victim's vehicle drove away from the scene it crashed into another car.

Medical staff said the wound was minor and that the teen is expected to survive.

Deanna Jimenez lives nearby and admits it is weird to have a shooting happen this close to home,

"It was scary to know that there was a shooting right down the street from where we were at," she said.

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