Charges: Man killed wife in Kent 'execution' in front of their 6-year-old son

KOMO News file photo shows the shooting scene.

KENT, Wash. - Alla Chikh and Pritpal Samara were leaving a restaurant in Kent on July 10 when they spotted the vehicle of Chikh's husband, Ignacio Cisneros, in the parking lot.

Cisneros, driving a Toyota Camry, followed the pair and cut them off, forcing Chikh to come to a stop in her Cadillac Escalade.

Cisneros stepped out of his car and yelled at Chikh, then returned to his vehicle, grabbed a pistol and shot both Chikh and Samara in the car, police reports say.

Before Cisneros drove off, his son he shares with Chikh, a 6-year-old boy seated in the Camry, shouted, "You hurt her! You hurt her!"

King County prosecutors say what happened that night was an execution. Chikh died at the scene and Samara survived with a gunshot wound to his neck.

Prosecutors charged Cisneros Monday with first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder.

The slaying occurred at a busy shopping plaza with several witnesses at 12990 Southeast Kent Langley Road -- about 25 miles south of Seattle -- where a gym, a Trader Joe's and several restaurants are located.

Cisneros has a history of assaulting Chikh, often in front of their children, King County prosecutors wrote. Senior Deputy Prosecutor Wyman Yip wrote that Cisneros was "extremely manipulative, controlling and violent" and that his violence "ranged from property destruction all the way to rape."

Kent police officers were called to the shopping center about 10:49 p.m. after 911 callers reported a man shooting two people in a vehicle.

Cops arrived to find Chikh and Samara suffering from gunshot wounds in the Escalade. Chikh was unresponsive and declared dead 10 minutes later.

Samara was not able to communicate very well at the moment, but did tell officers that the shooter was Chikh's "ex."

Several witnesses gave police their accounts of spotting a Camry cut off an Escalade, an argument and a man firing off three to five gunshots in view of a young boy before leaving the scene.

Both vehicles were registered to Chikh and tracked to her address she shared with Cisneros to a home in unincorporated Federal Way.

There, authorities found two vehicles entering and leaving the home. Parties in both cars reported that Cisneros had called them, asking them to take his 6-year-old son. A man who worked as a landscaper for Cisneros claimed Cisneros told him that a family emergency required him to fly to Canada. The landscaper met Cisneros and took the boy to the family's home, where family friends had arrived to pick the boy up when police stopped them.

Detectives were able to interview Samara three days later. He claimed that he and Chikh went out to eat that night and after they left the restaurant, Chikh fielded a phone call from Cisneros. He heard Chikh tell Cisneros that she was on her way home.

It was moments later that they found Cisneros in the Camry, purportedly following them.

Police were unable to find Cisneros until he turned himself in about 9 p.m. Sunday at the Kent Police Department.

He remains held in King County Jail without bail.

Chikh petitioned for a protection order against Cisneros in 2014 before the couple reconciled and the petition was dismissed. Eight days after the dismissal, Cisneros punched Chikh in the face four times in front of Chikh's then-8-year-old daughter. The daughter later told police that her "tummy" hurt because she had "screamed louder than she ever had before," Yip wrote.

Cisneros was charged in Federal Way Municipal Court with fourth-degree assault and exposing children to domestic violence. He secured a continuance and was placed on probation, meaning he could avoid conviction if he followed a set of restrictions. The case was dismissed in April of this year because the defendant complied with the terms of the continuance.

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