Caught on camera: Brazen robbery at Kirkland pot shop

New video shows armed robbers terrorizing workers at the Higher Leaf marijuana shop in Kirkland on Monday. (Photo: Still image from store surveillance video)

KIRKLAND, Wash. - New video shows armed robbers terrorizing workers at a Kirkland pot shop on Monday night.

Surveillance video from the Higher Leaf marijuana shop shows two masked men barging into the pot store with guns blazing, forcing employees on the ground.

According to the store, the robbers forced a customer to help them load up. Then they took off with about $3,000 in cash and pot products.

"It was hard coming into work at 7 am this morning, knowing that that happened,” said Christopher Mayer with Higher Leaf. “It’s upsetting, but the community that we have—not even this is going to bring our store down.”

WATCH: Store surveillance captures brazen robbery

As the suspects ran away, police said they fired a shot at a customer who arrived at the same time and tried to check out what they were doing. The customer is seen on surveillance video bolting to safety.

The store said since another pot shop got robbed in Mountlake Terrace last week, they've been preparing for something like this because the nature of their business makes them a target.

“It's a cash only business you know, we've been forced into this dilemma because of the laws and the way the laws are written,” said Mayer. “We can’t work with banks and credit card companies and stuff like that so if somebody wanted to, they know we’re cash only.”

Police said if you have any information on the robbery or possibly saw a suspicious vehicle leaving the area about the time of the robbery, please contact the Kirkland Police Department at 425-587-5656

The men were dressed in dark clothing with long sleeves and were wearing masks.

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