Burien fears more gang violence after grandmother killed

51-year-old Gabriela Reyes Dominguez was struck and killed by a stray bullet at the chiropractic office she worked at in Burien. (KOMO News)

BURIEN, Wash. -- Families who live in Burien said they are living in fear after violence erupted on their streets again. They're calling for the gun and gang violence to stop and agree with a plan to start a Regional Gang Task Force.

The flowers, the candles, the kind notes left for Gabriela Reyes Dominguez now mark the latest life lost to gun violence in the Burien community.

Erika Bostick was working near the chiropractic clinic when the barrage of bullets started flying. She says this violence is tearing the community apart.

"It's just sad, argh, I want to cry right now, it’s crazy,” Bostick said. "I've seen this happening too much and this is a great neighborhood and it's really messing it up. I don't know what it is, gangs or whatever...but it needs to stop."

Investigators said the two teenagers arrested in Reyes Dominguez’s shooting are well-known members of a gang.

"I don't know,” said Minerva Fructuoso, who heard the shots. “Somebody's got to do something, these things just can't happen out of nowhere."

The King County Sheriff said it’s been five years since there's been a regional gang unit focusing on fighting gang violence.

He said officials have been pushing for funding to form the regional gang unit.

"We've had conversations with the FBI, with the ATF, with the US Marshals office,” Undersheriff Scott Somers said. “We're hoping people of good will that care about communities trying to keep senseless tragedies like this from happening to other families like yours and mine."

The community just wants to live in a place where they and their children aren't afraid to leave the house.

"They’re scared to go school because of the shootings and the guns,” Bostick said.

The Undersheriff said they are prepared to go before the King County Council and push for funding to bring back the Regional Gang Task Force.

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