Burglary victim spots suspect wearing her stolen clothes

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- An eagle-eyed burglary victim helped police nab a suspected thief when she spotted the woman wearing her stolen clothes.

The bizarre saga began Wednesday morning at a Covington Starbucks. The victim briefly left her purse unattended on a table, and when she came back it was gone, according to Cindi West with the King County sheriff's office.

The thief, who witnesses described as a woman with "extreme acne," was gone by the time the victim realized her purse had been stolen.

West said the victim reported the crime and drove back to her Maple Valley home with her brother. When they arrived, they spotted a cab waiting in the driveway. The cabbie said he'd received a pick-up call from the house.

Knowing nobody was supposed to be home at the time, the woman called police to report the incident, according to West.

Officers arrived moments later and found an empty -- but burglarized -- house. The homeowner said numerous items, including clothes, had been stolen, and the thief left some of her own clothes at the scene.

On Thursday morning, the burglary victim and her brother went out to eat at a Maple Valley restaurant. As they sat down at their table, the victim spotted a woman with severe acne sitting nearby. A closer look revealed the woman was actually wearing some of the victim's stolen clothes.

The victim called the police, who arrived moments later and arrested the accused burglar. Police say they searched the woman, a 28-year-old from Burien, and found even more stolen items.

She was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.
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