Bothell teacher recovering after vicious school attack

Cal Pygott

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Well wishers are coming out of the woodwork for teacher Cal Pygott, who was viciously attacked inside his classroom at Bothell High School.

Pygott thought he had the wood shop to himself last Thursday afternoon. Classes were over, so he strapped on his ear muffs to tackle another project.

"I was working on a machine and I was hit from behind," Pygott said. "When I woke up I was not in good condition."

Details of the attack are still sketchy. Pygott says he never got a look at the person who bashed him in the head and lashed a zip tie around his neck. Another teacher found him collapsed on the ground.

"When I left the building I had no idea who or what I would find and I was just hoping that someone would be there," Pygott said.

Police haven't yet made any arrests in the disturbing case. Officers were at school on Monday to provide extra security as students returned to class for the first time since the assault.

Many of the kids wore blue as a sign of solidarity with the injured 63-year-old teacher.

"We want to make sure that whatever happens, he knows that he's got the school behind him supporting him," said sophomore Benjamin Lorton.

On Monday, an emotional Pygott spoke about how much it means for the students and staff to support him in this difficult time.

"I feel the warmth of the support that the community has shown," he said.

Pygott is now taking some time to heal, but he wants to get back to teaching as soon as he can.

"I hope to be back as soon as possible, doing what I do best, which is touching the lives of students," he said.

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