Bothell man claims his house is haunted: 'This is no Casper'

BOTHELL, Wash. -- When Keith and his girlfriend moved into their quiet home in a Bothell subdivision two years ago, he says strange things started happening right away.

"The first thing we heard on day one was a kid cough coming from upstairs," said Keith, who doesn't want his last name used. The couple doesn't have kids.

The IT guy did have several cameras and started documenting disturbances.

"This is no Casper," he warned.

Keith claims candles started flying, cupboards began opening, and crosses kept disappearing.

Keith says three bibles burned, group pictures packed away had burn marks but only on his face, chandeliers shook, and paintings, tables, and an armoire was knocked to the ground with no one in sight.

Paranormal investigator and host of Darkness Radio Dave Schrader is skeptical but intrigued. He questioned Keith's calm demeanor on all the videos and wondered why so many incidents happen off camera. But he added it could be a poltergeist at work because cameras captured a lot of activity and someone living inside could be the agent for the spirit.

Keith says he's tried crucifixes, prayers, holy water, and sweet grass, but bibles still burned -- three of them. And he claims one cross went missing from the wall and ended up in the washing machine while it was operating.

Keith recently contact the previous residents, who he says told him that it was "a living hell" in that home and only lasted five months.

Even though friends tell him he should get out, Keith says he hasn't exhausted his resources. He is now working with a priest in Bothell to find peace in his home.

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