Black Friday begins on Thanksgiving

Black Friday started a day early for these shoppers at Southcenter on Thanksgiving. (Photo: KOMO News)

SOUTHCENTER--Thanksgiving was not over but the Black Friday shopping had already started.

Scores of people packed parking lots and stores, hoping to get a good deal before the busiest shopping day of the year kicked off.

"I'm here for a deal, everybody's here for a deal,” said shopper Ryan Bell.

Whether you’re new to the dance or a pro, forget about waiting until Black Friday.

For pre- Black Friday shoppers, scoring the best deals meant getting there earlier than early, even if the line went on, and on, and on, as it did at Best Buy in Southcenter.

"We thought we weren't going to do anything we were just waiting and then little by little we got in and when we got in it's like we're there,” said shopper Khaled Gharib.

TVs and more TVs came out by the loads, while computers and speakers were also some of the hottest gets.

One family waited in line before the store opened at 5 p.m. this Thanksgiving.

They scored the three TV’s they wanted for Christmas. But is all the stuff worth cutting into a family holiday? For shoppers we talked to, if they can make both work, the sweeter the deal.

"Especially when you have kid, you start looking for discount you start looking for you know to save money then you get in,” said Fatima Abider. “I used to make fun of people who used to stand in line and say,' It's not worth it, it's not worth it. They are crazy.' Now I am in."

"I just came from the family dinner, and they were totally fine with me coming after,” said shopper Nicholas Corpuz. "Family first."

Places like Best Buy will re-open for official Black Friday shopping at 8 a.m. Friday

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