Bikini coffee stand owner: Sex sells -- what can I say?

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Amber Streitler says she sells the best cup of coffee in Bothell, but the buck stops there.

More baristas take it off these days. Some don bikinis, some serve in underwear, others in even less. But not at Streitler's Dolce Vita Coffee Stand.

"I think it's sad at what they've become. It's coffee! It's not a strip club!" she said.

Beehive Espresso just a few blocks away serves it up steamy under the sign "sexy sexy fun." The owner, Alan Tagle, asked Streitler if she'd sell so he can expand.

Tagle says he's "not at all" ashamed to be wanting to spread this type of business?

"You know why? You look at a traditional coffee stand and they might have one or two employees," he said.

But in Tagle's case, he says he helps numerous college girls pay their way through school. And because business is good, Tagle says he puts money back in the community buying more supplies.

"Yes, they're dressed somewhat provocatively, but it's kind of like when you go to a store and they throw in something else, an add-on of some kind," he said.

Streitler knows a steamy side with a cup of brew would bring in more customers.

"My business would thrive. It would absolutely thrive if I were to wear bikinis and pasties," she said, "but it's not about that. I have more self-respect and my coffee is good."

Tagle says espresso stands that cross the line have given his industry a bad name. But he says he's just out to make money the legal way.
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