Big snow storm driving people to stock up on supplies at grocery, hardware stores

Big snow storm driving people to stock up on supplies at grocery, hardware stores (PHOTO: KOMO News)

Supplies are flying off the shelves as people brace themselves for the major snow storm coming our way. Grocery stores. Hardware stores. Many of them can't stock their shelves fast enough. People in West Seattle and all around the region are loading up on supplies. They say they don’t want to take any chances.

“The phones have been ringing off the hook,” said Pam Carter, manager at Junction True Value. “We've had two dozen calls so far today.”

“It’s been like that all morning. Yesterday as well,” said store employee Ellwood Coburn.

At Junction True Value in West Seattle, it’s non-stop questions about snow supplies. People have been looking for ice melt, shovels and sleds.

"I'm looking for firewood today," said Arin Legge.

“Costco doesn't have any de-icer. Home Depot said they don't have any...I've been trying to get it for three days,” said shopper Susan Staples.

Signs all over this hardware store stating: "Out of ice melt. Snow shovels. Sleds." Another sign reminds customers that they’re limited to two bags of ice melt.

By midday, big crowds gathered at Junction True Value, everyone getting word of an imminent delivery.

“Waiting for the de-icer,” said shopper David Effington of West Seattle.

Effington was the first to grab a snow shovel from the new shipment.

And then the big rush came for the de-icer. Staples is among the lucky shoppers today.

“Yeah. One for my neighbors and one for me,” said Staples.

A few miles away at West Seattle Thriftway, things were a bit calmer. But business was still brisk. And some store shelves are bare after shoppers snatched up staples like milk, water and bread.

“When there’s a snow scare, they pretty much stock up on everything,” said Paul Kapiosky, with West Seattle Thriftway.

“Making sure I have plenty of my Como bread,” said shopper Judy Bradley. “I already yesterday bought extra milk and so I want to make sure I got stocked up of everything I might need so I don’t have to go out again.”

All day today, this parking lot here at Thriftway was packed. The store manager says the firewood will be gone by tonight. But this store and others plan on restocking in the next 12-24 hours.

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