Bellingham police search for suspects after 4 indecent exposure reports in 3 days

Bellingham police search for suspects after 4 indecent exposure reports in 3 days. (KOMO News) 

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- It has happened again.

Police in Bellingham are investigating another cluster of indecent exposure cases. Four cases were reported over the weekend within a three-day period.

"I feel like they got a guy and then they didn’t get a guy," said Emily Charlton, who finds it hard to keep track of all the indecent exposure cases that have been reported in Bellingham over the past year.

Someone spotted a man masturbating outside a window at her apartment complex off East Maple Street on Saturday at approximately 5 P.M., police said.

"It’s a little unnerving to know that it’s been going on for so long and really nothing is different," Charlton said. "It’s just the same thing."

Investigators have released a surveillance photo of another man who exposed himself near some gas pumps at the AM/PM off of Old Fairhaven Parkway on Sunday night. The man was driving a silver, 4-door Volkswagon Jetta with a pink Hawaiian flower sticker on the rear passenger window, police said.

The man does not fit the description of last year’s serial voyeur or the suspects behind the 3 most recent indecent exposure reports, police said.

But a man spotted exposing himself along North Forest Street on Friday night does match the description of last year's serial voyeur.

The man from the case on Friday night was described as white, in his mid-to-late 20s, stood about 5’9” with a medium to slightly chubby build, police said. He had light brown hair, facial hair that was several days old, and wore a brown zip-up hoodie with dark green baggy camouflage pants, police added.

"Increasingly, it just doesn’t feel as safe," said Kalyn Erickson, who lives in Bellingham.

"We definitely are a little more aware of locking stuff up," added Charlton.

On top of keeping doors locked and windows closed, police are encouraging victims to report the incidents as soon as they safely can. That can speed up the process of getting officers to the scene and hopefully catch whoever’s responsible, police said.

Police have identified the man who was spotted exposing himself in a parking lot on the campus of Western Washington University on Friday afternoon, they said.

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