Baby son of pregnant mom run over by van has died, family says

Baby Joseph has died after he was delivered by emergency C-section. (Family photo)

SEATTLE - The baby boy who was delivered by emergency C-section after his mother was run over and killed by her own van has died, family members say.

The baby, named Joseph, weighed only 5 pounds and was considered very fragile after his delivery.

Family members now say they are comforted with the thought that he is now with his mom, who is survived by six other sons and one daughter.

The tragic accident occurred Monday afternoon across the road from the parking lot of Sunnyside Beach Park in Steilacoom.

Paul Loveless, Steilacoom town administrator, said the van was parked on or close to Western Road near the intersection with Chambers Creek Road.

The van started rolling backwards as the mother was outside. She tried to stop it, but it ran over her, and she was pinned underneath, Loveless said.

He said the van was apparently running and put into neutral or reverse by one of the children while she was outside.

The mother, Shannon Macleod, 35, died on the way to the hospital. Her baby, delivered by emergency C-section, was taken to Seattle Children's Hospital.

Her children in the van were not injured.

It was the second tragedy in recent months to befall the family, who lost everything in a fire in December, relatives say.

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