Autopsy shows Charleena Lyles shot 7 times by Seattle Police

Charleena Lyles (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - An autopsy report shows Charleena Lyles was shot seven times by Seattle Police and was four months pregnant with a male fetus when she died.

The autopsy was released Wednesday by two lawyers representing Lyle's father, Charles Lyles.

A diagram released by the King County Medical Examiner showed where the bullets entered the 30-year-old mother's body. Three shots entered the back of her body, the first two hit her uterus, a third entered the back of her arm.

"Under the law, a fetus that's four months old is not considered to be a baby, but a baby was shot and killed," said attorney Karen Kohler. "It's just so sad."

Lyles was shot and killed by police after she called to report a burglary at her home on June 18. Police said officers shot her after she lunged at them with knifes.

"Calling the police into your home for help should not result in your death," said Kohler. "She bleed out with one of her children on top of her."

"We understand that officers sometime face difficult situations," said the other attorney, Travis Jameson. "But the officers in this situation never should have never allowed themselves to be placed in that situation."

A toxicology report, also released Wednesday, showed Lyles had no trace of drugs, alcohol or medicine in her system when she died.

The family's attorneys hope that report will dispel any misconceptions about Lyles, who they said was struggling with mental illness.

"Some of the assumptions that have been made about Charleena are that, 'well, she must have been on drugs,' that's an assumption that has been made about her and that's not true."

KOMO News reached out to Seattle Police, but they declined to comment on the autopsy report.

Earlier this month, Lyle's family filed a claim against the city meant to be the first step in a civil rights wrongful death lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department.

The officers involved in the shooting remain on paid administrative leave, during the investigation per department protocol.

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