Boundary lines redrawn for several Seattle high schools

The Seattle School Board voted Wednesday night on new school boundary lines to accommodate the opening of a new high school. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE – There are winners and losers following a vote by the school board to redraw attendance boundaries to accommodate the opening of a new high school.

The shifts affect families with kids at Ballard, Roosevelt and Ingraham high schools. Students will be redirected from these campuses to fill the classrooms of the soon-to-open Lincoln High School in Wallingford.

The attendance realignment plan includes several amendments board members approved Wednesday night. Those include moving a dual language immersion program out of Ingraham and into Lincoln High School.

Another amendment put parts of Loyal Heights and an area several blocks west of Green Lake back into the Ballard High attendance zone. Parent said that will minimize long bus rides to distant campuses.

“I appreciate that the board listened and considered people's concerns regarding transportation and worked to find the best solution,” said parent Katie McVicars prior to the vote.

The big concern is whether any of the amendments will heighten the overcrowding issues this realignment was meant to address.

Despite all the compromises, some families feel like they walked away empty-handed from the boundary vote.

“So my son will stay at Roosevelt, but my daughter they say is now going to Ingraham,” said Lori Graham, who lives just north of Green Lake.

Graham said she lives closer to three other high schools, one within walking distance, but now her daughter will have to take two buses just to get to class.

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