Are recent UFO sightings near the International Space Station the real deal?

    International Space Station UFO?

    There she sits. Anywhere from 205 to 270 miles above the Earth.

    The largest man-made structure in space: The International Space Station.

    The crew on board is in constant contact with ground control. But something else may be trying to make contact.

    Apparently, the space station has had a series of visits by unidentified flying objects, yet the most recent visit a few days ago has sent conspiracy theorists off their saucers.

    "It actually looks like the UFO changes its position," says Tyler Glockner of SecureTeam, a group that searches for aliens and UFOs. "When we first see it, it's more on its side."

    NASA's live feed of the Space Station reveals a "horse shoe" shaped object: far enough to remain mysterious, but close enough to set off the alarms in basements around the world.

    "If you remember, we posted video earlier in the week showing a disc shaped craft," says Glockner. "Although it could have been triangular and was just on its side."

    Again, seeing this object in NASA's feed was plenty for those who believe we're not alone to get on the Internet and post their insights regarding aliens, space ships, and other things out of this world.

    So imagine the chaos that ensued when that live feed went dark.

    "And once again, just as it appears, I mean directly after it appears, NASA cuts the feed, and that's why you see the screen go blue," Glockner says.

    Now, depending on the outlet, we have a NASA cover-up of what obviously was a visit from an extraterrestrial to "Hey, these feeds from outer space cut out form time to time."

    Glockner's not convinced.

    "They've been doing this. They have their hand on the 'chicken switch,' as they call it," says Glockner. "And they monitor these feeds and sometimes they're not quick enough, and these UFOs appear. We have certainly documented that on this channel."

    So you be the judge - take a look - and believe it, or not.

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