Photos: Anti-Nazi group rallies in downtown Seattle

KOMO photo.

SEATTLE (KOMO) - Hundreds of anti-Nazi protesters rallied at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle Sunday afternoon.

The Americans For Refugees and Immigrants group says they are outraged by the violence and racism shown in Charlottesville. The rally was against white supremacy.

The group included leaders from different religious groups, local lawmakers and a candidate in the race for Seattle's next mayor, Cary Moon.

"We've got to get together," David Basior, a Rabbi at the event Sunday, said. "I've been mourning this past week and every time something awful happens, as it did last week in Charlottesville ... I feel like it's easy to come out to march. A little harder to do in daily lives."

From the start, organizers said the rally would be peaceful. Crowds started gathering around 1 p.m. at the park and listened to several speakers. Attendees held two moments of silence: one to remember veterans and another to remember Heather Heyer, a woman killed in Charlottesville last weekend.

After a brief interlude, the group started marching across downtown. Their destination wasn't immediately clear. The rally ended around 4 p.m.

Miriam Drapkin, a demonstrator at Westlake Park Sunday, also rallied at a protest in downtown Seattle last week that drew a much larger crowd. At that one, counter-protesters clashed with police as they tried to get around a barricade for the so-called "Freedom Rally" hosted by the conservative "Patriot Prayer" group.

The demonstrations came a day after protests in Charlottesville, Va., turned deadly. Police made three arrests.

"I think temperatures have cooled a bit," Drapkin said. "I tihnk we need a bit of time to come together, and in a more peaceful atmosphere. Hopefully, this will reflect that."

Several protesters Sunday were seen with a giant inflatable rooster that resembles President Donald Trump.

Rally organizers urged everyone at the demonstration Sunday to call their lawmakers and demand action to stop bigorty and racism. They also called for the removal of specific staff members from the White House.

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