Organizers: Anti-Muslim rally planned for Portland moved to Seattle

Portland has shown an outpouring of support and love for the heroic actions of the three men who were stabbed, two fatally, after they stood up for two women who were being harrassed on a MAX train near Hollywood Transit Center. (KATU photo taken 5-30-2017)

SEATTLE -- A group that had planned to hold an anti-Muslim rally in Portland on Saturday June 10 says it has moved the event to Seattle.

ACT for America says on its website that the rally will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at Westlake Center. It is billed as a march against Sharia, which is Islamic canonical law.

Westlake Center is private property. And it does not condone, support or authorize the protest, a spokeswoman said.

The event, called "Portland March Against Sharia," was organized by Scott Ryan Presler and Joey Gibson. Gibson is holding another rally on Sunday, June 4 called "Trump Free Speech Rally Portland," according to KATU.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler asked organizers to cancel both events in light of last week's deadly stabbing aboard a MAX train.

The "Free Speech" rally will go on as planned in Portland, but Presler announced Wednesday that the anti-Muslim rally is canceled.

"Due to Mayor Wheeler's inflammatory comments and what we feel is an incitement of violence, he has shamefully endangered every scheduled participant. Consequently, in order to ensure the safety of those who had planned on attending, we have taken the decision to cancel the Portland March Against Sharia. Despite our desire to proceed, we cannot allow innocent Americans to be harmed by radical and violent anti-American zealots that Mayor Wheeler's comments have no doubt incited," he wrote online.

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