Another record broken: Even soggy Seattle has never been quite this rainy before

A cloudy morning greets a Washington State Ferry on April 24, 2017. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- Another gray day, another rainfall record is toast.

As the latest in what seems like an endless parade of weather systems drifted through the region Sunday night, Seattle passed 44.52 inches of rain since October 1st, making it the wettest October through April period on record in the city -- with a week to spare. The tally stood at 44.68 inches as of early Monday morning. A typical fall-winter-spring would have us just over 30 inches by now since Oct. 1.

The record was set way back in...2016. Yes, it's been quite the soggy two years around here. Only in 2016, it took until the end of the month to get there *and* had a bonus Leap Year day in there.

But the 2015-16 record was marked by heavier rains that fell over fewer days -- as in, the rain came in big chunks. This year, it's been spread out to where dry days were about as rare as getting through two green traffic lights in a row.

Since October 1, Seattle has had 144 days with measurable rain, smashing the old record of 137 set twice in 1998-99 and 2010-11 -- again, we've broken the record by a week with still a week to go and more rain in the forecast. Seattle averages about 154 days with rain over an entire year!

For those into baseball -- 144 rainy days out of 206 equals a .700 batting average -- 7 out of 10 days since the start of October have had measurable rain -- and that doesn't count the days when it rained or drizzled but measure at least 0.01 inches.

But as wet as it's been here, just imagine living in Forks.

Since October 1, Forks has received over 116 inches of rain -- yes, that's nearly 10 feet! The National Weather Service office in Seattle points out that someone living in Yuma, Arizona would have to live there for 40 years to see that much rain.

When do we get to turn the corner? Not anytime soon:

BUT! The longer range forecasts do finally show some indications of drier weather as we get out a week or so:

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