'Satan was in control': Mukilteo killer Allen Ivanov sentenced to life in prison

    Allen Ivanov addresses the court during his sentencing hearing in Everett on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. (Photo: KOMO News)

    EVERETT, Wash. -- Allen Ivanov, who took his newly purchased rifle to a Mukilteo house party last summer and killed three people, was sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole.

    Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Janice Ellis handed down the sentence before a packed courtoom, telling Ivanov, "Your actions are heinous. ... You deserve to be separated from society for the remainder of your life."

    Ivanov, 20, pleaded guilty on Dec. 19 to three counts of aggravated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.

    Court documents portray him as a young man distraught over a break-up with his girlfriend, Anna Bui. The documents say Ivanov considered Bui his "dream girl."

    Bui was one of three people killed. Jordan Ebner, of Lake Stevens and Jacob Long, of Everett, were also killed in the July 30 shootings.

    Ivanov also shot at Tristan Bratvold and Alex Levin as the two men tried to escape the house party, according to charging papers. A fourth victim, Will Kramer, was shot in the back but survived.

    Bui's sister, Anny, sobbed at Thursday's hearing as she told the judge that the murder had destroyed their family.

    The families of other victims also expressed anger and sorrow over the cold-blooded shootings.

    Ebner's father, Brad, called Ivanov "a coward with a gun" at Thursday's sentencing hearing. "He took my first, my first boy."

    "I wanted the death penalty just for the record. I want him to die. I still do. I wanted to be there to watch it happen," he said.

    Bratvold's mother, Victoria, called Ivanov "the biggest loser of all. ... He'll sit behind bars."

    Kramer's father, Paul, called the attack "premeditated" and "incomprehensible."

    Autumn Snider, the mother of Jacob Long, brought her sons remains with her as she addressed the court.

    "I no longer have Jake with me in person, which is why I chose today to bring him with me. This is what I have left of my son."

    Ivanov also addressed the packed courtroom, saying he apologizes "wholeheartedly" for the shootings.

    He said current gun laws make it too easy to buy a firearm, but took full responsibility for his actions. "Satan was in control," he said.

    "I did not intend for events to unfold the way as they did that night. In a moment of shock, I pulled the trigger because I could not control my emotions."

    Court documents, written by Mukilteo police Detective John Ernst, say Ivanov crept outside the home in the Chennault Beach neighborhood with an AR-15 rifle he had bought a week earlier. The rifle was so new that he had to read its instruction manual to operate it as he sat in his car outside the home where a party was going on.

    As he was hiding outside the home, a male who was at the party discovered him, Ivanov told police. "No, no," the partygoer said.

    He told police he was scared and opened fire. "He stated at that point that it was too late to turn back, and once he had pulled the trigger his adrenaline kicked in," Ernst wrote.

    Ivanov went into the house and found Bui, and shot her twice, court documents say.

    He saw a male running toward the house and shot him. He went to a balcony off the master bedroom and shot two more males, court documents say. Ivanov went to the roof, but realized that he was out of ammunition.

    Ivanov returned to his car.

    He had another magazine in his car. He had bought it hours earlier after he left his job at the Apple Store at Alderwood Mall.

    Ivanov said he was loading the magazine in the call and intended to go back into the party and use the AR-15 rifle more. Instead, he drove away.

    The documents portray a distraught Ivanov who was jealous that Bui had moved on with her life and had begun dating other men.

    Ivanov, questioned by police after he had been arrested in Chehalis later that day, told investigators that he had broken up with Bui two months earlier, but realized it had been a mistake. He wanted to resume his relationship with her.

    She was the first girl he had kissed, he told police.

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