Alaska Airlines flight headed for Seattle turns around after crew shuts down engine

    Portland to Seattle flight turns back because of engine trouble (Photo courtesy of Clark James)

    SEATTLE -- An Alaska Airlines flight bound for Seattle from Portland turned back around Tuesday morning after the crew had to shut down one of the engines before landing at PDX, according to an Alaska Airlines statement.

    Not long after take off at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, pilots of Alaska Flight 2228 were notified that there was an issue with one of the propeller's speed control, the statement said.

    The crew then shut down one of the engines, which is standard procedure, and returned to PDX.

    "When I looked out the window you could see that the engine was completely stopped and was no longer turning,” said Clark James who recorded video of the plane propeller not moving.

    The plane landed safely about a half hour after takeoff.

    "Planes are equipped with two engines, so that in the unlikely event there is an issue with one engine, the pilot can still land safely. While single-engine operations rare, our pilots are trained for these situations," Alaska Airlines said in the statement.

    The emergency comes when travelers are already anxious about the Ethiopian and Lion Air plane disasters.

    The aircraft was a Bombardier Q400, which is not a Boeing plane.

    "Today was definitely not the day to take a flight and have those thoughts because of what’s been going on with the Boeing planes,” said James. "Everybody was a bit nervous for sure."

    Alaska Airlines said Tuesday afternoon that they are working to get the 76 guests and four crew back on their way on a different plane.

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