African-American man stabbed in Olympia, attacker mentions Black Lives Matter

OLYMPIA, Wash -- An African-American man was stabbed outside downtown restaurant here Tuesday night in what was likely a racially motivated attack.

Police say his attacker has several racists tattoos. The suspect, who is white, made several racially charged statements to police and mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement, police said.

Court documents say the suspect, 32 and from Richland, had tattoos that said "Skinhead" and "White Power." A tattoo that said "Hooligan" was draped in a Confederate flag.

He told police he was part of a white supremacy group and had come to downtown Olympia because he had heard that the Black Lives Matter movement had left anti-police graffiti downtown.

(Graffiti urging violence against police was left in downtown Olympia on Sunday, but police have not blamed Black Lives Matter protesters for the graffiti.)

The suspect said he "took a blood oath to fight on the street, and if he was let go tonight, he planned on heading down to the next Donald Trump rally and stomping out more of the Black Lives Matter group," court documents say.

He told police several times that he was defending them and that he had their backs.

"At one point he stated that he knew we couldn’t hurt the black groups on the street so he wanted to let us know that he takes care of them for us. That he is able to fight those fights and will continue the fight against all of the Black Lives Matters people," court documents say.

He told police that he had been released recently from the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. But police have not been able to confirm that.

The stabbing occurred about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday at Fourth Avenue East and Adams Street Northeast. The victim and a white woman were outside China Clipper Bar.

The African-American man, 47, and his 35-year-old girlfriend would go outside to have a cigarette after having a drink.

His girlfriend yelled, then the man saw a white man and felt as if he had been punched in the side.

The attacker said nothing to the couple.

The suspect ran, and the couple chased him. The male victim caught him and tripped him. The suspect fell into a car and was apparently knocked out.

The man had a stab wound to his abdomen, police said. The woman was also cut.

The woman's cut was superficial and neither wound was life-threatening, police said.

Court documents say a small knife was found near the suspect.

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