A special Santa brings cheer to special kids in Seabeck

A special Santa brings cheer to special kids in Seabeck (KOMO News) 

SEABECK, Wash. -- It's every kid's Christmas dream to wake up to gifts from Santa Claus.

But for some, that wish doesn't always come true.

Liz Carr is the owner of Camp Union Saloon in Seabeck and had an idea in mind to help some of the kids in her community ring in a better new year.

"There are a lot of kids that need an extra present this year - especially some in our area, so my staff and I had an idea to put on a Christmas day for them," Carr said.

Two kids in particular need a little extra love this holiday season.

Five-year-old Trevor and his two-year-old brother Alex are having a tough year.

"Yep they lost their mother and it's been very hard on them, and I am doing the best I can right now," the boys' dad Robert said.

Their dad has had to play the role of mom and dad to the boys after his wife died unexpectedly in September.

So for him, focusing on trees, lights and Christmas cheer has boiled down to one important thing: "I'm trying to be the best father that I can and give the best Christmas today that I am able to..."

That is where Mike Giese stepped in.

Giese is no stranger to being Santa.

"I've been a Santa for over 40 years," Giese said.

And he knows a little something about deliveries being a driver for Lowe's Home Improvement in Bremerton. But Saturday's uniform was a little different.

Giese has traded his flatbed and forklift ... "Santa drives a Ford F-150," he said.

Carr and her staff formed a line of excited children Saturday and Santa's helpers handed him gifts as kids whispered their wishes.

And when it came to Trevor and Alex, their father stepped in to pose for an emotional Christmas photo, even though it was missing one important member.

"When we heard how much these families need help, it was easy to bring this altogether and bring a little cheer," Carr said.

"Nothing more than a family in need needs to hear it to know if the community still loves and cares for them," Giese said.

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