A man rolls a tire down a road to work out, leading to arrest, Pierce County deputy crash

A Pierce County deputy was involved in a crash with a pickup Tuesday, May 22, 2018, in Spanaway. The deputy was heading to help a second deputy who was trying to arrest a man rolling a tire down a busy road. The deputy involved in the crash and the pickup driver suffered only minor injuries. (Photo: Pierce County Sheriff's Department)

SPANAWAY, Wash. -- The man who was rolling a tire down a busy street here said he was just working out.

But his exercise routine led to his arrest and the crash of a Pierce County sheriff's deputy car, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department said.

Tuesday afternoon, the Pierce County Sheriff's Department sent deputies to Spanaway to investigate a man who was walking in traffic and yelling at cars.

One deputy discovered the 23-year-old man rolling a tire down the street in the 5600 block of 208th Street East.

The deputy chatted him up, but the man told him to go away. The deputy asked him if he were OK and offered to take him to a hospital.

The tire-rolling man responded with a string of expletives.

The deputy then ordered the man to get out of the road.

The man threw the tire across the road, screamed at the deputy and balled up his fists as he assumed a fighting stance, the Sheriff's Department says.

The deputy radioed a second deputy for help.

As the second deputy was arriving with lights and sirens on, a pickup turned in front of the cruiser, which collided with the truck, went across a drainage ditch, went through a chain-link fence and into brush.

Sheriff's Department says the tire-rolling man advanced toward the other deputy, yelling, "Did you see that? That's your fault!"

The deputy pointed his stun gun at the man, who got on the ground and was handcuffed.

He told the deputy that the laws didn't apply to him and that he was out for exercise, the Sheriff's Department said.

"I was working out. Not everyone goes to the YMCA," the Sheriff's Department quoted him as saying.

The deputy involved in the crash and the driver of the pickup were taken to a hospital for what appeared to be minor injuries, the Sheriff's Department said.

The tire-rolling man was booked into jail.

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