A man recovers stolen American Flag that belonged to his son who was killed in Afghanistan

American Flag Returned (KIMA)

WHITE SWAN, Wash. -- A man in White Swan has recovered a stolen American Flag that belonged to his son who was killed in Afghanistan.

After months of searching for the flag, Shawn Marceau says he was visiting his son Marine Lance Cpl. Joe Jackson’s grave on Tuesday when he noticed a flag folded on his son’s grave.

“I walked up and I unfolded it you know because it was folded a little bit weird so I wanted to refold it tighter and when I opened it up I saw Josh’s name on there," said Marceau.

Marceau says when he saw his son’s name on the flag, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“My heart dropped, it skipped a beat but it was just a revelation that it’d come back," said Marceau.

He says the flag is sentimental to him because his son Jackson had it over his bed before he went out on his last patrol.

Jackson was 22 when he was killed April 24th, 2011 by an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations in Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Marceau says the flag is also signed by Marines who he fought alongside in Sangin.

“It’s about these young war fighters here and all the older war fighters that took on the fight, that’s what this flag signifies," said Marceau.

The flag was stolen from Marceau’s truck back in April.

That's when he pleaded for help on social media to try and find the flag and his post went viral gaining traction worldwide.

He says he’s thankful to everyone who helped spread the word, and says having the flag back home is more than he could have asked for on this Fourth of July.

“Thank everybody for everything, their prayers, without their prayers I don’t believe this would’ve happened you know. It was a simple post, it went viral and all praise goes to God. Thank you," said Marceau.

Marceau says now the flag has many stories to tell, and wants to use it to bring awareness to the many lives that have fought and the ones who are still fighting for our country.

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