80 degrees in Seattle Monday: A day early, but sun fans will take it

The sun is out in Seattle on May 22 with what is looking like 2017's inaugural 80 degree day. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- It's a day sun fans have been eagerly awaiting since the end of August: The return of 80 degree weather in Seattle!

Unlike the previous four years when our inaugural 80 degree came significantly early, this year's is right on time (almost.) The average first day at 80 or warmer in Seattle is May 23.

(The National Weather Service says the temperature hit 80 degrees by mid-afternoon Monday at Sea-Tac Airport.)

Last year, the wait was not only shorter, but the 80s stuck around and even set a record. April 17 hit 80 degrees which was the first of four consecutive days above 80, peaking with a record 89 degrees on April 18th. The year before, 80 came on May 9th, then April 30, May 5th and 2012's near normal May 14th.

It was in stark contrast to 2010 and 2011, where not only did April and May go without hitting 80, but June sat on the sidelines too. Our first 80 degree day didn't come until July those years -- July 2nd in 2011 and July 6th in 2010! That latter year was the infamous "78 minutes of summer" through July episode.

Seattle averages 26 days at 80 or warmer per year -- a number that has been wildly exceeded the past four years. As mentioned last week, odds are favoring another hot summer so this just might be the first of many 80s again this summer.

For now, this 80 degree day is just one and done -- with cooler weather expected Tuesday through the end of the week. However, long range forecasts indicate 80 degree weather may return by around the latter half of Memorial Day Weekend and into early next week.

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