6-year-old boy made up story of beating by bullies, police say

    (Photo: KOMO News)

    OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A 6-year-old Olympia boy whose story of being beaten up by young bullies went viral this week wasn't beaten up after all, investigators say.

    Detectives with the Olympia Police Department said they developed information that the boy's story wasn't holding up and the injuries might not have been from an attack. They confirmed those suspicions Thursday.

    "The injuries sustained by the child are the result of a fall, which occurred at the apartment complex on the date in question, not an assault," Olympia Police said in a news release Thursday. "As a result, there are no suspects of any age."

    The boy's mother said she found her son injured last Wednesday, and that he claimed he stood up to a group of kids who were bullying his friend. He was then beaten with rocks and sticks, kicked, and had sawdust rubbed in his eyes, the boy claimed.

    The boy suffered a broken arm, and several cuts and bruises to his face, and had to have surgery to repair a cut above his eye, the mother told KOMO News in an interview last Friday.

    Olympia Police said last Friday they had identified a 5-year-old as a "primary aggressor" but wouldn't file charges because he was too young.

    But after interviewing those involved, officers went back to the boy, who admitted he made the story up.

    The story captured the nation's attention as to the dangers of bullying. A GoFundMe site that had been set up for the family's medical expenses reached over $45,000 before donations were stopped.

    Investigators say no charges will be filed due to the boy's age.

    "Appropriate social services have been notified to ensure the continued welfare of the child involved," Olympia Police said.

    Police didn't give any further details about how the boy fell.

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