6 victims in train derailment plan to sue Amtrak

6 victims in train derailment plan to sue Amtrak (KOMO News) 

DUPONT, Wash. -- Half a dozen victims injured in the deadly Amtrak derailment are planning to sue Amtrak.

They will be represented by the Clifford Law Offices, a personal injury and wrongful death law firm based in Chicago.

Attorneys told KOMO News the firm is launching its own investigation to find out why the derailment happened, and challenge Amtrak's safety standards moving forward.

“It’s been a horrific experience. It’s an experience that is likely going to be with them long-term based on what they experienced and what they’ve seen,” said attorney Michael Krzak.

Krzak said the firm has already sent protective orders to Amtrak asking the rail company to preserve any evidence that can shed light into the crash, such as data or video recorders and the axles of the train.

Attorneys said they also plan to file a lawsuit against Amtrak to pay for the injuries victims suffered.

“Our clients’ goals are to find out what the root cause of this incident is. Here we have Amtrak who’s had a number of similar incidents over the past years with cars going 50 miles over the speed limit,” said Krzak. “I think the safety culture of Amtrak has to be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. I think to maintain systemic failures and procedures, and failures in training aren’t acceptable and have to be stopped.”

The firm said it has already hired experts to assist in their investigation of the deadly derailment.

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