4-alarm fire rips through warehouse in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood

4-alarm fire burns Seattle warehouse (Photo: Sean O'Donnell)

SEATTLE -- A huge 4-alarm fire engulfed a lumber warehouse in north Queen Anne Saturday night.

Seattle firefighters responded to the 300 block of W Ewing St. around 8:45 p.m., and firefighters who were first on scene reported seeing flames 50- to 75-feet high.

"When we arrived on scene the warehouse was fully engulfed in flames, so it was just not safe for crews to enter the structure," said Kristin Tinsley with Seattle Fire.

The fire was upgraded to a fourth alarm just after 9:30 p.m.

Seattle Fire confirmed at least five structures are impacted by this fire, and that one building has collapsed.

"I was about 800 meters west of here barbecuing and I could see the heat and the light from the fire," said witness Conal Groom. "When I came here, the closer I came the more heat and yellow light and fire you could see."

Tinsley said they haven't had any reports of injuries but cautioned they have not been able to get inside the burning buildings.

The building's owner is at the site and told fire officials what is burning is primarily lumber. Officials are warning those who live nearby and smell smoke to close windows and doors to avoid exposure.

There is no word yet what might have started the fire. Seattle City Light reports about 1,000 people are without power in the neighborhood, and Seattle Pacific University tweeted that parts of their campus had lost power.

"It's terrible, this is our neighborhood, it's terrible to see," Groom said. "It's heart wrenching."

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