State trooper's car stolen at I-5 crash scene; 3 suspects at large

Police investigate after the stolen patrol car was found in Renton. (KOMO News photo)

RENTON, Wash. - A state trooper chased after his own stolen patrol car early Monday after several suspects jumped in and drove off in it, the Washington State Patrol reports.

The bizarre drama unfolded at around 2:25 a.m. as the trooper was pursuing a car south on Interstate 5 near 272nd Street. The car turned around to head north and crashed on the Kent-Des Moines Road ramp, flipping over.

The trooper got out of his patrol car to respond to the crash - and when he did, someone jumped in, stole his car and took off up the freeway.

State Department of Transportation traffic cameras picked up the the stolen trooper's car heading north on I-5. It got off the freeway in Renton, and that's where officers found it - off the sidewalk along Monster Road between some trees - with its emergency lights still flashing.

The suspects ran off after ditching the car. One person was arrested, but three suspects got away and remain at large. Police spent an hour looking for them but found nothing.

The trooper's cruiser doesn't appear to be damaged, officials said. It was towed to the State Patrol bullpen, where investigators will get a closer look and comb through it for evidence.

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