$210,000 is just middle class in Bellevue, study says

    Bellevue Skyline (KOMO Photo)

    Might be hard to believe, but a $210,000 income isn't enough to make it to the 'upper' class in Bellevue.

    A new study out by GOBankingRates put middle class in Bellevue at incomes between $70,268 and $210,804. Median income in Seattle's biggest suburb is a whopping $105,402.

    GOBankingRates used income data from the U.S. Census Bureau and then used it a simple equation to determine a middle-class income for cities around the country. Income would include spouses and teens over 15.

    Here's how it works:

    • Mulitiply the median income by two-thirds (.6666) to get the low number in the range. For Bellevue, that's $70,268.
    • Then multiply the median income by two to get the high number in the range. That's $210,804 for Bellevue.

    In Seattle, middle income is $53,043 to $159,130 according to GOBankingRates.

    The numbers are all part of an assessment of cities where the middle class is thriving in America. GOBankingRates claims it's thriving in Seattle because median income grew by 25.4 percent in the last five years.

    The study said Bellevue's median income grew 19.7 percent in that same period.

    Seattle is #4 on the list and Bellevue is #9, because middle income grew faster in Seattle even though the range is lower.

    You can get the median income for your zip code here and then do the calculations.

    Using the GOBankingRates' formula, middle income in Tacoma is between $37,004 and $111,012.

    In Everett, it's $36,375 at $109,124.

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