2 teens arrested after 'ding-dong ditch' stabbing in Snohomish

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SNOHOMISH, Wash. - Two 14-year-old boys are under arrest, accused of assaulting and stabbing a 47-year-old man Thursday night outside his home after a juvenile prank called "ding-dong ditch" went terribly awry.

The incident unfolded just before 11 p.m. when the man heard a knock at the door of his home but did not see anyone outside, said Shari Ireton of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

The man stayed near the door, watching through the peephole, when he saw a figure approaching the door. The man opened the door and confronted a teenage boy in a grey hoodie on his property.

The boy, one of the 14-year-old suspects, was holding a knife. An altercation followed between the man and the teen, and the man was stabbed twice - in his leg and in his chest.

Meanwhile, the other 14-year-old boy approached and threw a bicycle at the man, who had grabbed the knife-wielding teen in the scuffle, Ireton said.

The two teens then fled.

The man's wife called 911 and Snohomish County deputies responded to the home. K-9 police dogs were brought to the scene, and they tracked down the two teen suspects nearby. Both were booked into the Denny Juvenile Justice Center for investigation of second-degree assault.

The injured man told deputies that local teens have been doing something called "ding-dong ditch," in which they ring the doorbell and then run off.

"I think the concept of 'ding-dong ditch' has been around pretty much since the invention of the door and since teenagers have been in existence," Ireton said. "Obviously they don't normally end with this sort of violent incident."

The two teens also are accused of slashing the tires on the man's vehicles.

The homeowner was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center and treated for his stab wounds.

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