2 teens admit strung fishing line that injured motorcyclist was prank gone bad

Alex Teston

GRAHAM, Wash. -- Two teen girls have come forward and said they were responsible for stringing a fishing line across a Graham street that injured a motorcyclist as he drove through it.

But Pierce County Sheriff's deputies say the girls will not be arrested; that it was just a prank that went bad.

Alex Teston was driving to a friend’s house just after 10 p.m. Friday when he turned the corner from 224th Street East onto Snellstron Bush Road. He made it a couple hundred feet when he noticed what looked like a dim flashlight along the side of the road. Suddenly, he felt a force yank him backward by the neck, nearly throwing him from his motorcycle. Somehow he kept his balance.

Teston quickly realized he had a long, shallow cut across his neck from whatever he hit in the road. He was shaken and confused but kept driving.

He couldn’t quite piece together what he had hit until his story spread, and a friend reached out told Teston he had driven his truck through fishing line in that area this weekend.

Teston finally filed a police report Tuesday morning, and a deputy came to the scene. Sure enough, they found fishing line tied around a utility pole where Teston said the incident had unfolded.

Deputies solved the case Wednesday when the two 15-year-old girls came forward. They said they had heard about a prank from one of their parents about how people used to suspend a teddy bear with fishing line to give it the illusion of floating above the street. The girls put the fishing line out, but before they could get the teddy bear in place, Teston drove through the line.

The girls panicked and ran off, not telling anyone about it until Wednesday morning when the story spread, deputies said.

Deputies said they don’t believe the girls had any intent to harm anyone so no arrests have been made, but they will fully investigate the case and forward it to the prosecutor's office for review, deputies said.

Teston said Tuesday he thinks he broke the line when he hit it. Otherwise, he might not have survived.

“I could have been decapitated,” he said. “It’s OK to have fun, but don’t have fun with someone else’s life being the expense.”

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