2 motorcycle riders dead in crash trying to run from deputies in Tacoma

2 motorcycle riders died after they crashed into two cars in Tacoma Thursday, July 19, 2018. (KOMO Photo)

TACOMA, Wash. -- A motorcyclist and a passenger were killed Thursday afternoon while trying to speed away from police in Tacoma, Pierce County Sheriff's deputies said.

The crash happened moments after a deputy tried to pull over the motorcycle rider for driving recklessly at 72nd and Golden Given Road, according to department spokesperson Ed Troyer.

The motorcyclist sped away at an even higher rate of speed south on Golden Given Road, ran through a 4-way stop sign at 85th and smashed into two vehicles, Troyer said. Both riders were ejected.

"They were both wearing helmets, but both helmets came off during impact," Troyer said. "Both bounced of multiple vehicles and roadways and were killed instantly due to their high rate of speed."

CPR was attempted on both riders, but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Troyer said it was lucky those inside the car only suffered minor injuries.

"If the car had been through the intersection just a little further at impact, we probably would have had the people in the car killed as well," he said.

Troyer said the two men on the motorcycle were 48- and 47-years-old from Midland. Their motorcycle appears to have been repainted and altered, Troyer added.

The intersection was blocked for nearly three hours while police investigated and cleared the scene. It has since reopened.

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