'Everybody was freaking out': 19 rescued after ride malfunctions at State Fair in Puyallup

Ride gets stuck at the Washington State Fair (Photo: Puyallup Police)

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Nineteen people were safely rescued after getting stuck in the air during a ride malfunction at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

The issue happened just before 6 p.m., but firefighters responded quickly and were able to get all riders off the ride. No one was injured.

Augustina Boyer-Redman was one of the 19 rescued from the El Nino ride, which she says spins riders around sideways and upside-down.

"It kept going around and around and around ... way more that normal," she said. "I knew something was up when it kind of felt like we are being tossed when it was going around compared to the smooth way you usually go around."

Then the ride came to a stop.

"And everybody was freaking out," she said. "We were all worried the harnesses we're going to open."

She said her brother-in-law timed the ordeal at being trapped for 22 minutes before being freed.

"It seemed like forever," she said. "We are all getting head rushes and squished the one side -- whichever way we are leaning -- which in my part, we were leaning to left real hard and almost upside down.... we were all shaken up and everything."

There is no word yet what caused the malfunction. The ride will remain out of service until the investigation is complete.

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