100 at-risk shelter pets fly to Seattle in search of 'forever homes'

Bellanca waiting for her flight to freedom. (Photo courtesy Wings of Rescue)

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- One hundred at-risk shelter pets will be flown to Seattle on Thursday.

Ninety-four dogs and six cats will be placed in animal shelters around the state after flying from Dallas to Seattle's Boeing Field around noon.

Freekibble, and non-profit partner GreaterGood, partnered with Wings of Rescue to safely airlift the pets to the Pacific Northwest.

All of the pets have been rescued from overcrowded animal shelters in the Dallas area that would euthanize the dogs and cats due to lack of space.

Most shelters in Washington don't have an overcrowding problem, making an airlift to local shelters the best option these pets have at finding a forever home.

Receiving Shelters include: Seattle Humane, The Noah Center, Paws, Tacoma Humane, Kitsap Humane and Humane Society of Skagit Valley.

As an added bonus, 10,000 bowls of pet food has been donated to receiving shelters by Halo Pets, ensuring there's plenty of food available until the pets can be adopted.

Airlifts are made possible solely by donations, and thousands of pets have been rescued thanks to the groups' work. Five dollars, for example, provides fuel to fly one animal 125 miles.

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