Driver hits 12-year-old, asks if he's OK then drives away

12-year-old hit by SUV after getting off school bus (PHOTO: KOMO News)

RENTON, Wash. (KUTV) - A boy in Renton said a driver hit him and then left him in the road with broken bones even after the driver asked if he was "OK."

Julian Early said he had just gotten off the school bus and was trying to cross Queen Street with his friend. He said that’s when the car came up the hill and hit him.

A black SUV is seen on neighbor’s surveillance video speeding up the hill moments before Julian was hit.

"I couldn't even speak because of how much great pain I was in,” said Julian Early.

Julian is still suffering in pain, but what hurts the 12-year-old more is how the driver left him in the middle of the road, even though Julian said she briefly stopped and talked to him.

"I was startled how she left, because it was surprising, because she didn't even get out of the car,” said Julian. “She just said 'are you okay' and just left."

Julian said after the woman left, his friend Eli carried him to Eli's house, yelling for help and Eli’s parents called 911.

"My life flashed before my eyes and everything was dark for one or two seconds,” said Julian. “If I was her kid. What would she do?”

"I would say, ‘Why would you do this to a child? As a parent, why wouldn't you stop?’ Like even for an adult if you hit someone wouldn't you want to help them,” said Juliet Hill, Julian’s mother. “It’s heartless."

Julian now has two broken arms and a broken tooth, but his spirit is not broken.

He and his family can't imagine if it would have been worse.

“It would be heart-wrenching and I have a huge family so to see him go I don’t think I would get over it,” said Hill.

Police said the driver has been identified but not yet arrested.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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