You might take pride in the frightening affect your Halloween mask has on others, but the scariest thing about that prop could be the germs it is covered in. tested several masks being sold in Mesa, Ariz. and found mold and fungi living on them, likely from so many children trying them on in the store.

Warren Trent writes:

Turns out every mask was full of living bacteria and germs. In fact, the devil mask was the worst, containing the most bacteria, presumably because it was tried on the most. But even a child's power ranger mask was filthy and had microscopic creepy crawlers like mold and fungi.

"One person after another after another wearing this probably adds to this and allows for the bacteria to actually cultivate so that might be part of the reason why we see such robust results," says Dr. Stan Kikkert, who heads up the Bio-Technology program at Mesa Community College.

The bacteria not only looks gross, it smells gross too, emitting a sour, pungent odor. And remember this is the stuff people are putting on their faces over and over.

"The main danger is probably the potential of acquiring a skin infection from an organism like staphylococcus," he says.

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