Oatmeal for breakfast, sure, but quinoa?


Barley. Quinoa. Brown rice. You might eat these as a side dish with dinner.

But what about for breakfast?

Registered dietitian Kim Larson tells me whole grains are a fantastic way to start your day.

"They deliver more than 20 percent of our fiber, folate, and iron," Larsen says. "And more than 10 percent of our calcium, magnesium and Vitamin A."

Most whole grains are loaded with protein as well.

"Barley has twice the protein and half the calories as oats" says Larson.

Larsen explains the trick to eating whole grains for breakfast is to batch cook ahead of time.

Then reheat with a bit of milk and throw in some healthy goodies.

"Pumpkin and pecans to stir it in, a little bit of vanilla," suggests Larson. "You could add banana, fresh fruit, cinnamon."

You can also go the savory route with your breakfast grains.

"By sauteing some spinach and mushrooms into them, and cracking a fried egg on top," says Larson. "A little bit of avocado, maybe a sprinkle of cheese."

While you are at it, why not give amaranth, freekeh and buckwheat a try too?

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