When you juice, you are squeezing out most of the benefits of your fruits and veggies

You've seen the informercials for years - the guy with the big, bushy eyebrows touting the health benefits of juicing.

But there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Registered Dietitian Kim Larson tells me its not the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

"When we juice, no matter what kind of a juicer or extractor you might be using, we are going to miss out on the bulk of the fiber," Larson says.

She adds that we miss out on the nutrients and micro-nutrients like polyphenols, that hang onto that fiber.

And fiber helps make short-chain fatty acids called butyrate, which is ultra important to our gut bacteria.

"It inhibits pathogens, it increases mineral absorption, stimulates blood flow, fluid and electrolyte absorption," Larson explains. "The more butyrate we have, the healthier the immune system, healthier colon and healthier gut we have."

Larson says juicing isn't necessarily bad for you, but its better to get your nutrition from whole fruits and vegetables.

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