Do you drink from the garden hose?

Hose water is best left to your plants

It was part of being a kid. Drinking from the garden hose on a hot summer day.

But just how safe is it?

According to Dr. Dan Allan, its really not a great idea.

“Probably the biggest risk is some of the chemicals that are in the water itself," says Dr. Allan. "Many garden hoses are not made for drinking water and so they’ll release lead, they will release different chemicals in the plastics, much like a lot of the plastics that have been banned in kids’ products.”

Those chemicals include BPA AND PVC. Dr. Allan says the problem with ingesting these chemicals on a regular basis is the increased risk of cancer, hormonal problems or even neurological issues.

If you can't keep the kids from drinking from the garden hose, you can look for ones made from polyurethane or natural rubber, which will not release any chemicals.

Also, let the water run for a few minutes. Most of the contaminated water will escape before you take a drink.

Another thing to check is the hose fitting.

“If it’s brass, that will release a lot of lead and if you run the water for enough time to flush the hose, that first bit of water that was up by the brass fitting is going to be loaded with lead, so you have to let it run for a couple of minutes to make sure you’re safe," explains Dr. Allan.

In the end, occasionally drinking from the hose probably won't hurt you. But just don't make it a regular habit during the summer.

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